Talk Nation Magazine recently called Janene Gentile one of the "most notable Abstract Expressionist American painters to emerge out of New York in this decade." 

The Abstract Expressionist artist Janene Gentile was born in New York City and spent her youth in the 70's and 80's in the Bronx.  Early on, her art reflected the era's need for social change and she collaborated in many public projects that sought to improve outcomes for disenfranchised segments of society.  After graduating from Lincoln Center College with a degree in Fine Arts, she went on to earn her Master's from NYU.  She also studied and exhibited her works in Venice, Italy and throughout Europe.  She is a member of Women Sharing Art, and may be seen on Tumbler under Gentile Painter, and at Abstract Gentile on Facebook.  She currently resides in Long Island and creates at her studio in Miller Place, New York.  

Her paintings are characterized by dynamic brush strokes, brilliant colors and bold emotional expressions.  Some of her collection has been acquired by Billboard Magazine owner and Hard Rock Casino investor David Saltz, and has been featured in LA Magazine among other publications.

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